This variety has been specially bred to reduce nematodes, it has a unique combination of the highest resistance to beet-cyst nematodes and Root-knot nematode resistance. Doublet will produce a long tap root up to 2 meters deep, which will improve the soil structure and is frost resistant up to minus 6°C. Doublet is very leafy at the early stages of growth and is easily incorporated for maximum nematode control and is club root resistant. Doublet flowers late and will not set seed when sown in late summer or early autumn.

Sowing RateSeasonSowing DepthRow DistanceFertilizer
25-30kg/ha depending on soil type and time of yearAll year round1-2- cmAs cereals60-80 kg N/ha after cereals. sandy soils 40kg N/ha after sowing, 40 kg N/ha 1 month after emerge