White Mustard

Brisant has been specifically bred for the nematode market and shows a high level of resistance. Vitaro is very leafy and will produce a tap root up to 1,5 meter in length. Vitaro is frost susceptible and easily incorporated into the soil. Vitaro is very fast growing, even at lower temperatures and can also help reduce Rhizoctonia Vitaro is resistant to: Heterodera schachtii (BCN) Heterodera betea Vitaro is non-host to: Globodera rostochiensis G. Pallida Heterodera avenae Heterodera goettingiana Meloidogyne naasi Ditylenchus destructor.

Sowing RateSeasonSowing DepthRow DistanceFertilizer
8 – 10 kg/haSpring till the end of summer1-2 cmAs cereals60 kg N/ha depending on previous crops